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Started in 2015 with the idea of crafting handmade pickles using the finest harvest from the village, Langha Valley is an initiative led by the local women of the village Langha. Langha Valley is dedicated to delivering homemade pickles reminiscent of those made by our grandmothers. We have all cherished the times when the art of pickling was a closely guarded family secret, preserved by our grandmothers. We can still vividly remember our mothers and grandmothers peeling, slicing, and stirring seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year, transforming them into delicious pickles.

Langha Valley brings you these forgotten childhood recipes, carefully prepared by a group of women. Each task is performed entirely by hand, and every pickle carries the essence of the person who crafted it.

Handmade Preservative free Organic Pickle

Our village is surrounded by the beauty of nature, but unfortunately, there aren't many job opportunities available, especially for women. The young girls from our village have to travel long distances every day to work in factories located in the nearby town. Adding to this challenge, the women in our village find it difficult to seek employment outside because they have a lot of household tasks to take care of.

Both our village and the neighboring ones are blessed with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. However, a significant portion of this fresh produce goes to waste because the local farmers lack the necessary resources to take it to the markets.


This is where the idea of making pickles came to us and we first thought about creating job opportunities specifically for the women in our village. It turned out to be a wonderful solution: the women could put their cooking skills to use, and at the same time, we could enjoy these homemade pickles made from locally sourced fruits and vegetables that might have otherwise been wasted.

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